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June 19-22: Huset's Hustle-High Bank Nationals

June 19-22: Huset's Hustle-High Bank Nationals

The World's Best Drivers will be racing for 2 Six-Figure Paydays during The $100K To Win Huset's Hustle June 20th and $250K To Win June 22nd!

$250,000 To Win Huset's High Bank Nationals!

$250,000 To Win Huset's High Bank Nationals!

The $250,000 To Win Huset's High Bank Nationals featuring The World of Outlaws returns June 19th-22nd, 2024!

July 17th-20th: The Silver Dollar Nationals

July 17th-20th: The Silver Dollar Nationals

The Historic $53,000 To Win Silver Dollar Nationals tradition continues in 2024! Event tickets and campsites are on-sale now!

Get your tickets now for this Sunday, June 16th, for Goodin Company Night! Buy your tickets today and the early buy online only discount ends on Friday!

Tuesdays with TMAC – Late Charge Nets 50th at Knox


Terry McCarl

Tuesdays with TMAC – Late Charge Nets 50th at Knox

Tuesdays with TMAC – Late Charge Nets 50th at Knoxville!

(Bill W) June 7, 2011 – To say it was a great weekend for Terry McCarl the driver would be accurate. To say it was a great weekend for Terry McCarl, the father and car owner, it would be an understatement. In addition, to winning his 50th career feature at the Knoxville Raceway, the Altoona, Iowa driver saw his son, Austin, drive to a career-best third at Knoxville, and to his first ever win at Huset’s Speedway in South Dakota, beating dad by half a lap.

For TMAC and the VerMeer Motorsports #55, Saturday at Knoxville started with the fourth quick time of the night after coming out dead last in the 27-car field. He went on to finish fifth in his heat. “I’ve really been happy with my car, but we’ve been off a bit the last couple races,” he says. “We’ve kind of been rolled up a bit on the right rear, and the heat race was the same way.”

Starting third in the main event, TMAC got off to a mediocre start as Danny Lasoski led Austin in a good battle. “Early in the feature, we weren’t very strong,” says TMAC. “I couldn’t run the bottom well. I was kind of hanging on. I really didn’t know what to do during the red flag. We made a couple small changes.”

Things got worse before they got better. “We were running third, and Lynton (Jeffrey) got us on the restart and put us back to fourth,” says TMAC. “I saw Chad Humston find some moisture late in the 360 main in the middle of two. I knew it was there, but you have to get your car to it.”

The #55 found its way to the middle, and took off. “I wasn’t good on the bottom, and I wasn’t great on top,” says TMAC. “We weren’t gaining on anyone, and I thought I’d try it. We drove through the middle of one and caught the moisture in two. The first time I did it, I gained about four car lengths on Lynton. I knew I had found something.”

Once dispatching of Jeffrey, TMAC focused on the leaders. “It wasn’t as good in three and four,” he admits. “Lori had quit watching me, because the race between Austin and Danny was so good. She said I came out of nowhere, and that’s kind of the way it was.”

Late in the going, TMAC worked by Austin and then Lasoski. From there, he proceeded to walk away with win #50. “The car was working better, and I could go harder,” he says. “Once I got the wing speed up, the momentum carried me forward. The fans were excited too, and it was a heck of a race for them.”

On Sunday at Huset’s, TMAC qualified second in the 55. “It was a little greasy when we went out to qualify, but we came back and won the heat,” he says. “Unfortunately, a guy in front of us had problems, so we started up front. We were able to run around and see how the track felt.”

TMAC posted seventh for the feature, with Austin on the pole. “Austin started up front, and we got to second pretty fast,” he says. “We ran him down, and were making a move on him when the yellow came out. On the restart, he smoked me. (Mark) Dobmeier got by me right away, and was running down Austin.”

Austin continued his torrid pace. “When we got in lapped traffic, I thought he might be in trouble, but he got through there really well,” TMAC says of Austin. “Dobmeier ended up breaking a rear-end, but no one was going to beat Austin. I did not see him at the end…he was more than a half-lap ahead of me.”

The pride was evident as TMAC settled for second. “I’m unbelievably proud of him,” he says. “Huset’s is a very demanding racetrack, and for him to beat Dobmeier, Scott Winters and myself was a big step. I think getting back by Danny at Knoxville was big for his confidence. Little things can do wonders for a driver’s confidence and I think he’s to a point where he knows he can win races. When you believe it in your heart, you can win. I think he’s crossed that threshold.”

To check out opportunities to partner with TMAC Motorsports on a nightly basis, visit or call 515 957-0020!

Front Row Challenge/Ultimate Challenge

The 16th Annual Front Row Challenge and the 10th Annual Ultimate Challenge will be held Monday and Tuesday, August 8 and 9, 2010 at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Order your seats NOW by calling McTwo Promotions, Inc. at 515 957-0020. Visit for further details.

Websites for the McCarl Gang! develops the websites for the McCarl boys. Check out, as well as and!


Tom A. Kohl asks: Are there different mindsets for drivers that varies from reqion to region? By that, I mean do the west coast drivers drive differently than midwest, Ohio Valley, southwest or the east coast drivers? Is it something you as an invader to their area have to be aware of and change your driving style a bit?

TMAC Answers: The California guys are generally more aggressive, because they don’t have any half-miles other than Calistoga. Tulare, Chico and Hanford are smaller tracks, and there’s more wheel-banging. That’s why I moved out there in the early-90’s. I needed to learn how to drive those short tracks. Brent Kaeding had to talk to me a few times, because I didn’t like guys banging my wheels. Going to Australia or places like that, you’re driving on smaller tracks so guys are more aggressive.

Got a question for TMAC? Send it to us at, and we may answer it in this section! Put "? for TMAC" in your subject line.

This Month in TMAC History!

TMAC has two victories at Knoxville on June 3 in his history. In 1995, he piloted the family #24 to a win over Skip Jackson, Johnny Herrera in the Forbrook #5, Craig Dollansky and Steve Beitler. In 2000, he drove the Serace #55 to victory under the NCRA sanction ahead of Travis Cram, Dennis Moore Jr., Steve Gennetten and Travis Rilat. TMAC has four career NCRA wins. In addition to his Knoxville triumph, he also has wins at River Cities Speedway (ND), Park Jefferson Speedway (SD) and Salina Highbanks Speedway (KS).

"Tuesdays with TMAC"!

"Tuesdays with TMAC" is an up close and personal look at colorful sprint car veteran Terry McCarl. To receive "Tuesdays with TMAC", send an e-mail to with "TMAC" in the subject line.

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